Windsor, a tourist hot spot with a dark past and its not just the castle thats haunted!

Windsor is an area full of ghosts and some of them royal! Face off with the ghost of Henry VIII, historys most famous monarchs and the ghosts of one of his victiems, the Butcher who was caught talking about the Kings selection of wives and was executed cruely at the tower.

Find out what happened to Nell Gwynn, an actress who had a 16 year affair with a former King and experience the supernatural with the ghost of Herne the Hunter who's witnesses have had bad luck since seeing him.

You'll find out about haunted venues including the Guildhall, Prince Harry Pub, Sir Christopher Wren hotel and so much more!

Watch out because our ghosts have a habit of caused a few scares and screams.

How brave do you feel?


Windsor Ghost Tours is Windsors most popular ghost tour attracting both toursts from around the world and locals!

The tour includes live actors and real ghost stories and showcases the areas historic landmarks.

The tour is suitable for all ages, as long as you dont mind a few scares! Our tours also include entertainment and more.

Windsor Ghost Tours has won numerous awards including an SME award, two Prestige awards and two TripAdvisor awards.