Immerse yourself in a dark atmosphere where anything could happen on one of our real ghost hunting experiences.

We use some of the UK's most haunted venues where you can spend the evening in search of paranormal activity. But what will you experience?

Using a range of equipment as seen on TV combined with experiments including seances, divination and other communication experiments we will attempt to unlock each locations haunted past.

Our team of experts will guide you throughout the event as we check out diferent areas searching for answers. But, the paranormal can be unpredictable, so will you be lucky enough to experience something.

These events are real ghost hunting experiences where any results are genuine, but we will always seek out the rational explanations first.

Past venues have included renowned locations including Fort Widley, The Jamaica inn, Bodmin Jail, Tudor House, Southampton Vaults, Manor Farm, Victoria Chapel, Michelham Priory, The Police Cells Brighton, Preston Manor and many more.

These events are suitable for those who believe, dont believe and those who may be unsure. Are you brave enough?

Why choose Supernatural Tours?

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our real ghost hunting events are 100% genuine and we will will always look for rational explanations first. 

We have built up an incredible reputation for the professionalism of our events and from customers. This leading reputation has lead to appearances on TV stations including ITV, TEN Australia, Solent TV and on radio stations including BBC Radio, Ocean FM, Galaxy, Heart, Wave 105, Express FM, Quay Radio, Southend Radio and many more.

We were also the first company to host ghost hunts at numerous venues including The Bursledon Brickworks, The Dolphin Portsmouth, The Southampton Vaults, Felton House, Dolphin Southampton and our team spent two years living at an investigating one of Portsmouths most haunted venues.

In addition, we have won numerous awards and worked with names including Richard Felix, Derek Acorah, David Wells and Colin Fry.

We cant guarantee that anything paranormal will happen but we always provide an enjoyable and fun event.