Let's take you back to the 15th century when witchcraft trials took place across the UK and Europe and to a time when the smallest indication of being a witch would see you inprisoned of worse!

If you thought  Southampton escaped, you'd be wrong, as you will find ou in this tour. You'll hear accounts of trials, execution and deceipt as we uncover Southamptons witchraft and torturous past.

But as you'll find out, this was just the beggining as venture into some f the most famous witchcraft trials including Salem and Pendle Hill.

We'll tell your about the ducking stalls and the gruesome gallows that once stood in Southampton where hundreds met their blood, some, in very public events.

Along the way you will come face to face with some of those responsble including the Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins and some of those unfortunate to meet their fate.

Important Information

The Bargate, High Street, Southampton, SO14 2DJ


Time vary at Halloween

Takes place in all weathers. 

The tour features live actors and some scares!

The tour is suitable for all ages.